18/04/2023Vault 2 V1.1 White edition is back in stock. The Kanto build guide has been updated. We are replacing the Aski SFF case with a new case design. The new Aski SFF case is under production.
18/11/2022Kanto V1.2 is sold out. We are making a new batch of Kanto cases. The new batch should be available in 2-3 weeks.
09/11/2022Vault 2 case is available for purchase.
13/10/2022Vault 2 product/specifications page has been published.
07/10/2022Vault 2 mini-itx case will be available for purchase in October. The product/specifications page is under development and will be released soon.
01/08/2022We are in the process of making a new batch of Kanto cases (V1.2). The new batch will include several upgrades over the previous one. 
29/07/2022We will launch a new mini-itx PC case, Vault 2, by Fall 2022. Follow us on social media for up-to-date announcements.