Universal ceiling and wall mounting platform for WLAN access points

Our design-protected UCM mounts provide an ideal solution for flush-mounting WLAN access points and network devices on wall and ceiling surfaces. The mounts offer easy, fast, clean, and discreet installation while providing physical protection for the installed device.

UCM-series-mounts can be used in various building types, ranging from small residential houses to large public areas. Our mounts are particularly suitable for locations where appearance is a determining factor.

  • The mount allows for neat and inconspicuous installation.
  • The WiFi access point and cables are protected inside the mount.
  • Using the mount allows an orderly expansion of the network.
  • The UCM mount ensures unimpeded WiFi signal transmission thanks to a thin plywood cover and an open frame structure.

In addition to the standard model, the UCM is available in custom sizes, with options for custom logos and surface treatments. The cover edges can be beveled or trimmed. Please feel free to contact our sales team for more details.

  • The mounting point for the WLAN access point is adjustable, allowing the installed device to be lowered as close as possible to the wooden cover.
  • The mount has one Keystone and Lexcom installation hole on each of the four sides of the mounting frame. Lexcom connectors require a separate mounting frame (one mounting frame is included in the package).
  • The WiFi access point can be fastened with screws or hook-and-loop fasteners (included in the package).
  • The cover plate is secured and can be unlocked using the provided tool. The cover lock can also be opened using any slim tool — a small flat-head screwdriver.
Product nameUCM-FM
Product dimensions (mm) – width, depth, height (min-max)330 x 330 x 44-66*
Maximum dimensions (mm) of the device to be installed270 x 270 x 34-56* or (diameter) 270 x 34-56*
Installation depth40-62*
Pattern options for the cover lidNo pattern / triangle
Edge options for the cover lidBeveled, trimmed
Product weight (kg)0,84 (triangle pattern, beveled edge)
Cover color options (cover lid / cover strips)Untreated birch plywood / untreated pine
Included accessoriesUCM mount, installation instructions, template for cutting the installation opening, mounting frame for LexCom-connectors (1 piece), hook-and-loop fasteners for attaching the WLAN access point
Package dimensions (mm) – width, depth, heightTBA
Weight with package (kg)TBA

*UCM network device mounting point is adjustable. The measurement depends on the height of the installed network device and the position of the adjustable mounting bracket.

We offer free sample units to business customers. Contact our sales team to get your free sample unit!