All-in-one FTTH media installation platform

UWM-Fiber-series mounts are designed to offer a comprehensive solution for fiber-to-the-home installations. Our mounts offer easy, fast, clean, and technically practicable installation while providing an excellent cable management solution for fiber optic devices. UWM-Fiber devices are optimized for FTTH installation environments, offering a value-adding installation solution for both the operator’s and the consumer’s network devices. The consumer Wi-Fi router is installed using our patented mounting solution (pat. pending).

We offer network operators and construction companies custom perforation, logo, and color options.

  • UWM-Fiber devices keep your network installation clean and organized.
  • Operator equipment, cables, and fiber optic boxes remain well-protected inside the mount, preventing accidental damage.
  • UWM-Fiber mounts help to protrude Wi-Fi routers from the wall— improving their cooling and service life.
  • Our platform enables an easy and orderly expansion of the network.

UWM-Fiber mount dimensions can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Contact our sales team for more information.

  • UWM-Fiber-series mounts include patented mounting clamps that fit any network device with keyhole slots. The device can then be mounted anywhere on the installation plate.
  • Our spring-assisted clamps eliminate the need for device-specific mounting brackets or hard-to-align wall mounting screws.

UWM-Fiber mounts are compatible with nearly all consumer Wi-Fi routers.

  • The enclosure can be sealed with a cover plate if the customer’s Wi-Fi router is installed elsewhere. 
  • Custom perforation, logo, and color options are available upon request.

  • Leveling the installation plate enables the installation of devices without keyhole slots.

We offer free sample units to network operators and network construction businesses. Contact our sales team to get your free sample unit!

Installing the mount only takes a few minutes. The UWM-Fiber platform works best when utilized with cable channels. Expanding the network afterward is effortless.

Product nameUWM-Fiber MUWM-Fiber L
Product dimensions (mm) – width, depth, height/height without installation plate240 x 66 x 364/201280 x 66 x 404/241
Network device keyhole slot spacing (mm)42 – 22342 – 263
Available space for devices when using levelled installation plate (mm) – width, depth238 x 162278 x 162
Product weight with installation plate (kg)1,351,67
ColorWhite (RAL 9010)White (RAL 9010)
Included accessoriesTBATBA
Package dimensions (mm) – width, depth, heightTBATBA
Weight with package (kg)TBATBA